Remembering 911- Where were you

Do you remember where you were on September 11, 2001?

I was at work getting ready to head out for my daily service calls. Someone had heard on the radio that a plan had crashed into one of the Twin towers so we gathered in the conference room and turned on a small TV. We watched as the reporters talked about the tragedy that had just happened and the loss of life. We were talking in jest about how blind could the pilot be not to see both them big ass buildings. But not long after that as we stood there watching the fire and smoke we saw the second air liner slam into the seconded tower. We saw it in full color and in detail and we were in shock. I and another workmate knew right away this was bad and not an accident and express that much. But some others we dazed and in shock and didn’t know what to think. We started talking about this being an attack and the dazed folks just shook their heads in disbelief and we tried to talk them into seeing what they were seeing. Then a third plane was reported to have hit the pentagon and everybody was now on the same page. We are under attack and the weapons are planes.

I remember speeding down the road looking toward the skies trying to get home. We sat in front of the TV just watching the twin towers burn. We were Listing to reporters tell us that it was confirmed that we were under attack. The President grounded all Air line traffic and put a standing order to shoot down any plane that did not comply.  My eyes were glued to the TV but my ears listened for any sounds that sounded like an airplane engine. We lived near a military airport so when we heard something we ran out to look. At one point we saw about 20 fighter jets screaming through the sky. Yet another sight that’s seems so unreal that it instilled a since of fear.

Watching the TV huddled in our home we listened to the reporters tell of the hundreds of people stuck in the towers and how the brave firefighters gave everything they had to help them.  The sounds of sirens, people screaming and this thunking noise a noise I could not figure out. Until a reporter that was talking stopped and was crying because with each thunk she knew it was a body of a person that decided that jumping from the burning building was better the burning alive. Thunk and thunk and each one pounded in my chest and raised my anger lever more and more. I wanted to walk away but found I could not pull away from what I was seeing.

It seemed at one point that things were starting to come to order, plans were in affect people had direction and evacuation were starting to take some shape then without warning the towers started to crumble. Floor after floor collapsed on top of each other destroying anything between them. People started to run, the streets filled with people running away from the loud crashing noise that is, was the Twin towers.

It was not enough for the terrorist to take the Twin towers and the people in it. but the affect of the towers coming created a cloud of death and destruction as it chased people down the streets of New York, around corners, down streets and filled it with debris from the buildings trying to take as many people with them as it could.

Then there was silence for a brief moment the TV was quite the room was quite shock was on our faces. Then slowly you cold hear strange beeping noises. The beeping noises started to fill the air and people started to move again it was like watching a ghost town come to life. People struggling to understand what just happened, were they ok, they could not see from the thick cloud of dust. Cries for help in the darken city streets started to surface and then panic ensued again.

The day ended but I felt like nothing I have ever felt before. I could not sleep well that night as my ears listened for anything strange. My eyes searched for danger and my soul ached for everybody that died that day.

Please leave a comment on where you were that day and how it impacted you.

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ANCESTOR video contest

Warning there is adult language and Violence in the Video please do not show to Kids.

OK so there is this video contest for a kick ass book called Ancestor and i have entered a video in said contest. well the Judges are only going to judge from a pick of the top 5 viewed videos and this is determined by the number of views on the Authors youtube website. So i need anybody and everybody to click on the video below so i can get my view count up into at least the top five. your help in this adventure would be great and appreciated. Now the reason i was inspired to do this was because I like Scott Sigler as an Author and his way of writing so i wanted to be a part of that world so when he offered a piece of his work up for the contest I as a fan wanted to do just that be a part so watch the video and enjoy and help me reach the top five.

Here is my video based on a script from the book Ancestor called “Where is Sara”.

Here is more information which i grabbed from the website

Pre-order ANCESTOR from your local bookstore, or click the links below:
Barnes & Noble
Borderlands Books for autographed copies


“The ancestors are out there … you have to believe me.”

Acclaimed author Scott Sigler, New York Times bestselling creator of INFECTED and CONTAGIOUS, offers a chilling tale of what can happen when hubris, greed, and madness drive scientific experimentation past the brink of reason.

Every five minutes, a transplant candidate dies while waiting for a compatible heart, a liver, a kidney. Imagine a technology that could provide those life-saving transplant organs for a nominal fee … and imagine what a company would do to monopolize that technology.

On a remote island in the Canadian Arctic, PJ Colding leads a group of geneticists who have discovered this holy grail of medicine. By reverse-engineering thousands of animal genomes, Colding’s team has dialed back the evolutionary clock and re-created the progenitor of all mammals. The method? Illegal. The result? A computer-engineered living creature, an animal whose organs can be implanted in any person, with no chance of transplant rejection.

There’s just one problem: these ancestors are not the docile herd animals that Colding’s team envisioned. Instead, the work has given birth to something big, something evil … something very, very hungry.

As creators become prey in an ultimate battle for survival, Colding and the woman he loves must fight to survive — even as government agents close in to shut the project down, and the deep-pocketed company backing this research reveals its own cold-blooded agenda.

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R.I.P Legend 5-30-2010


Legend 5-30-2010

Legends come and Legends go and on this day

I let my Legend go.

From a pup he grew and played.

Running, Jumping and learning to stay.

He grew so big,

He grew so strong,

He grew so fast as time moved on.

He was my Protector

Companion and Friend.

He protected his yard

his home and kin.

I will miss him and his proud strong stance.

I will miss him as long as I am.

He was my dog,

My four legged friend.

Yep he’ll be my Legend until my end.

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Scots of the Riverina – The Song – The Quest

“The boy ran away to the city from his home at harvest time,
They were Scots of the Riverina, and to run from home was a crime.
The old man burned his letter, the first and last he burned..
And he scratched his name from the Bible,
when the old woman’s back was turned.”

The Poachers

It was that verse back in 2000 that I heard streaming from a song on a web site called that started it all. One mans quest to find one song produced by a band that no longer existed.

I had been browsing the site for some new music as I was tired of the same old replayed radio tunes. The song was called Scots of the Riverina and was about a boy who ran away from home during war time which was considered a criminal act during that place and era. The story tells of his father who disowns him from the family, thereafter the boy does enlist and fights in the war but his father is still bitter and unforgiving. The son dies (and so does the old man) but you will have to read the poem or get the song in order to hear what happens to both generations.

This is where things go bad all because I was too lazy to buy the song off the site at a whopping $1.99.. I made the mistake of thinking to myself ‘I will just play the streaming version’ (which was not CD quality but it sounded good enough) and I can play it anytime I want’.  After a year of listening to the song for free – that site closed it doors.  Thus I lost the ability to hear it, and more importantly lost access to the name of the song and the name of the band. See when your complacent like that you tend not to remember such things because, after all, it was only a click away.

Another year had passes and I was cleaning up some things strewn around my office space and I found a sticky note that had the name ‘Scots of the Riverina’ on it and I remembered the song immediately. I thought holy crap I need to find that again, which should be pretty easy right, with the quantity of information now on the INTERNET.

So I started my search feeling confident that two years after having last listened to it on the original site,  there should be some information out there somewhere. I looked and searched for hours, and I did this every night for about a week, each night trying to find any reference, lyric or index but found nothing. Just about the time I was hopelessly frustrated and going to stop is when I saw a link to a cached website page. So I decided to click on it and it brought up a page that looked like the site I had previously listened to the song on. Almost like a photo copy of the site, if you will, but all the links were broken. However, it contained a email address at the bottom and I thought that I might as well give that a try, maybe… just maybe… they still have email.

I composed an email letter asking if the band was still around and if one could still buy the self published CD they were selling. A few days later I got a response stating that the band was not together anymore, but they happened to have a few CD’s left and they would be willing to send me one. I provided them with my address and I sat back and waited.  After about two months I sent a follow up email as kind of a reminder, or a bump to see if it was still possible to obtain the CD, for which I was now willing to pay more than the original $2.00 for. Disappointment lingered as I never got a response back and so I had thought that I was doomed to never hear that version of the song again.  I started my search again looking for the song in general, at this point I almost didn’t care who sang it, I just wanted to get it. So again I started plundering the web for any renditions of the song. Nothing was to be found, no songs, not listing of the song, not even a pirated version of the song could I find (not that I would encourage such thing but I was hard up trying to find it) but nothing productive turned up, even in 2003 the web seem to be missing any hint of the song. So I gave up the search and stowed the song in the back of my head and listened to it in memory the best that I could remember it.

2006 came about and the song resurfaced in my head and got me to thinking surely by now there must be something on the web in reference to this song. Well I started searching and sure enough I found some articles about it being a poem. Up until this point I only knew a few lines of the song and googled such which is how I found out that this was part of an old poem originally written by Henry Lawson.  This gave me hope that with now having more of the lyric information I could find the song performed by somebody else.  Sure enough, I found that it was on an album sung by Hugh McDonald. Now that I had a name I searched for a sample of the song so I could hear it again hoping then find where to buy it, but as fate would have it I found another dead end, not one single sample, or even a offering to buy the song. So again my hope faded away with the virtual pages on the screen, and I moved on once more with life as it moved on in front of me.

2010, in January, some 10 years later and I stumble again on a note with the name Scots of the Riverina and I kind of laughed at myself for holding on to that note for so long. I mean it’s been about a decade, and the band from what I had been told broke up at least 8 years prior. So I started to ball up the note to toss it away and for some reason I could not let it go. I tried twice to discard it but my fingers would not open up to let it fly. So I typed it into a note pad document on the computer and then threw the tattered paper relic into the bin.  A few nights later that note was still on the desktop of my computer and I said ‘what the heck if it’s not on the web now – it will never be there’. So I start searching again and search after search found only mentions of the poem, or of the few singers which had performed it that were from back in the day.  Eventually I stumbled across a sample. Finally!!  Unfortunately, it was not pleasing at all to my long awaiting ears. It was old and not performed very well.. you have to understand that this tale requires some emotional articulation – and the singer didn’t seem to have enough to fit the song.

If you have ever used Google, or Yahoo, then you know that when you type in an item to search you get like thousands of links that mostly have nothing to do with what you’re searching for. So, most of us click through the first, second and maybe the third result before we try another search phrase. In a fit of madness I clicked like on like fifty or something I really don’t remember, but a link had the name of the song in it and I was like really?

Bruce Cameron Website

So I clicked it and it was a play list from a DJ. This DJ, whose name was Bruce, had what looked like a play list for each gig, or day, or something… but there were a lot of them with what seemed to be hundreds of songs on them. Glancing down I saw that there was an email address at the bottom and I thought I would ask if he remembered this song that was sung by a band that not longer existed, after all – it was in his play list so he would remember, right?  Yeah, I was headed down wishful thinking lane again, but email is free and to ask cost me nothing. I composed yet another email in hopes it would lead to some sort of progress in my quest, but never got up my hopes as for a reply.  Well I just could not let myself really believe that the person would really have the time to recall a song, or a band, from ten years ago.

“Wow” is all I can say.  I sent the email on Jan 24 at 8:45 pm and I got a response back at 11:45 that very same night. Can you believe that?  Not even 24 hours later, it was the same night and that is not even the best part – not only did he respond, but he knew about the band and the song! He informed me that the band had indeed parted ways, but he did some research in that short amount of time between my email and his, and found 10 copies of this self published CD on a website called  Well I have to admit that I was beside myself, I was ecstatic and I could hardly believe it would pan out, but I went to the site and there it was listed on the catalog and it even had the CD cover I remembered which confirmed that I was on the right track.

Trad&now magazine

The next day I was on that site and clicking on the “order me that cd please” button.  Lo and behold, as the fates would have it, right after I clicked the final order button, the website went down. Well, try as I might I could not access it for about 3 hours, so my heart dropped again and I consigned myself to wait until later that day before trying again. I did get back on the site and I sent a note explaining how I had placed the order and the site crashed while doing so and that I needed to know if it went through or not, but I was too eager to get it while I could before something else went wrong so I just could not wait for a response. No, I had to place another order right then, I guess I figured as the worst I would have two copies.  Luckily that wasn’t the case because I did get a response later that night stating that the first order did not make it to processing, only the second did. Hooray!

Just when you thought everything was falling into place, you get the dreaded email notification.  Cec, the store owner, sent me a message saying there was a problem in locating the CD in his inventory. I was crushed, and I said to myself “it was to good to be true”.  I sent him a reply saying that I understood that after ten years it may not be possible to get a copy. Cec didn’t give up that easily though, he asked if I had the band members names, as that may be able to help, and so I dug up all the notes that I had and rummaged though them until I found what he needed and sent them his way.

February third I got an email for Cec stating “SUCCESS” and that he had found some copies and I would have one in my hands within a few weeks.  Again I was elated and could not wait for the CD to get here.  In my fevered impatience I had to email Cec once more just to ensure the CD was on its way, to which he assured me that it was.

February 19th I get a call from my wife, (whom, by the way, was rather weary of me calling home every single day asking if the mailman had dropped off anything for me) she said “I am calling to tell you that your package is here” as in – now don’t call me and ask me about it again.  It’s her way of giving me a hard time because every time I would ask her about it was if she would be hiding it from me or something, but she didn’t do such a thing, and she called me right away as she had repeatedly reassured me she would.  Boy I could not wait to get home that day and pop it into the CD player. So I get home and, well, when you have a family you just can’t drop everything and tear open your much anticipated package because the toddler in the house won’t let you… Nope we had to play, and talk, and wrestle, and do all the things that you’re required to do as a father with your young son.

About this time my wife was headed out with some of the other kids to gather us some dinner.  Thus ensues – The Dance.  As they pulled out of the driveway, and time permitted, I opened the CD popped in it my heart filled with longing as I waited for it to begin playing the song.  The three year old started to dance slowly, just a bit, you know – the little head bobbing thing, and I closed my eyes and let the music wash over me as notes cascaded around the room, I just stood there savoring the memory, and the music as it played.

Before I knew it the song was over and life snapped back into view and the remainder of the day followed its natural course.  That is, and was, my journey to obtain a song that I once thought was lost forever.  So I want to thank some people for what may seem a typical task to them in their day to day lives, but was a 10 year endeavor for me.

The first “Thank You” goes to Bruce the DJ (or whatever it is he does) for having that song listed in a play list, and him being able to recall and find information on what I was seeking. Thank you for your time Bruce.

Secondly, I would like to thank Cec and for “1” – having the CD listed, and “2” – for taking time out of your routines to research and find a copy of the CD.

Third, I would like to thank the Band THE POACHERS who published the CD and recorded a beautiful rendition of that poem to song.  That song had lived in my head and memory for so many years until I was able to play it once again, and it sounded every bit as delightful as I had remembered. So, Thank you – Penny Boys, Cathy Bell and Andrew Heath recording this song.

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A Battle Red Win – Jaguars win 31 to 24

JagLogo.gifAs the Jaguars walked into a sea of red they knew it would be a fight to get the win. A closed stadium with amped up fans and a winning record against us that allowed them to come battle red ready. What the Jaguars would have to do to over come such a huge obstacle is execute their play flawlessly. Today the offence was able to do just that they played and executed plays like they were a walk in the park. this is what i was looking for last game some hope that the Jags could execute the plays put before them because if they could do that they would score and that is the point of this game. The defense however were not executing very well which you can tell by the score. I am always harder on the offence because we need to score to win so even if the defense is not doing well as long as we keep scoring we have a chance to win. That being said the defense made this game much closer then it should have been because of mistake after mistake and a lack of what? Execution that’s right it’s my word for the year. It reminds me of Tom Coughlin slogan back in the day Deeds not Words.

So for this game I say great execution offence and for the defense well hit the books and watch the film and i will see you next game. So be ready because I will be watching. lol…I know like they care what i think. That ok I love them just the same win or lose they are my Jags.

Go Jags see you next week.

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The Truth Is Out There


When most people see this title they will automatically assume i am talking about UFO and aliens but I’m not. I am talking about the plan and simple truth the honest to God truth, the I swear to tell the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth because currently the truth is lost in America. It has been lost in the depths of Politics and party affiliations and replaced with distortions and redefinitions of the English word.

Our country has become so divided on the fundamentals of how to find the pursuit of happiness that it’s as if the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s have adopted each half of America. The divide is so strong between the families (political parties) that the truth is lost and the distortion of the truth have become the flavor of the day. At this moment in time a person from each party could read a sentence and both will read the words and comprehend something completely different. How can we as Americans prevail and succeed as a Nation if we can’t agree on the meanings of words. The meaning of words have become so distorted and redefined that it almost in possible to know what somebody is really trying to say or once said what did they mean. Politicians can say something on film or tape and when they are asked about it they say “that’s not what I meant to say” or “that was taken out of context” but if its only a brief comment there is not much context to take it out of other then the subject title. But we sit back and let it go and it becomes another truth a misplaced or distorted truth but the truth that comes to be believed in time. but this is what we as America have become a Nation of Lies or half truths and we will pay the ultimate price for it.

The biggest problem in my view of course is that we as Americans allow the politicians to get away with the lies. We excuse them all in a battle to keep our guy (whom every your guy is) in office to advance our political gain. This happens on both side of the political table and we sit by and watch it for fear that the other side will win and destroy our/your view of what America should be. This slippery slope of false hoods is what will be our undoing as a Nation in the end as you can only distort or lie so many time before the people stop paying attention to them and that is dangerous because when people decide that there is no hope and no truth they feel lost and will decide to defend their own freedoms and this will create bigger problem then we already have in this country.

The question is how do we bring truth back into politics (not that there every was real truth) but enough that somebody can be held accountable for actions that are considered to be unethical or illegal or at worst bring shame to the person that was telling the lie. How do we recapture the truth and creditability of somebody in our current climate? Maybe we have to pull together us Hatfield’s and McCoy’s and demand it out of them but in order to do that everybody both the Hatfield’s and McCoy’s have to decide that the true definition of a word means the same thing to both side and will agree that if either side breaks that trust by lying then accountability will be held and action will be executed on the persons from either side of the families.  But if we choose to stand by our man/woman no matter how much he/she lies about or distorts the truth we will never find the truth and it will remain out beyond our reach and the madness of chaos will rain heavy on the Nation and wash away and hope of civility. you will see more instances of (it depends on what is is) or ( You Lie) or any number of outburst or disorderly conduct that we have been seeing lately. The fact that people are being told that when their freedom speech is no longer to be tolerated because it’s in opposition or contrary to what somebody else think it should be then Americans better wake up and fast before your freedom to speak has been silenced.

Rear Admiral Yamamoto once said “I fear all we have done is to waken a sleeping giant…” in reference to the attack in pearl harbor by Japan. right now I wish I could find away to wake that sleeping giant because now it sleeps and we need to wake America up again and show her how important the truth is. We must find it and defend it and hold accountable the one who try and destroy it. Maybe its more that they are distracted because we/they are defending our/their version of the truth that we can’t see that it’s missing. but what we learned from history is that it did not end well for the Hatfield’s and the McCoy’s and it will not end well for America if we don’t find that truth.

The truth is out there.

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All dogs go to heaven

IMG_0750 Today one of my dogs (Dax) had to be put down or laid to rest because of a skin condition and other complications that only allow him to live a miserable life of day to day scratching and wining. No matter the treatments we gave him he could not find comfort in his life and the sadness in his eyes each day kept telling me that it was time to let him go.

The problem is for some reason I could not bring myself to take him to have done what needed to be done to release him for his decaying body and the pain that clung to him relentlessly. I have always been a strong enough person able to do what needs to be done until today. The fact is I could not bring myself to provide that release for him even looking at him and seeing the pain I just could not do it. I had to ask my wife (Tabitha) to do what she should never have had to be put into the position to do. But she was able to prove that strength that was needed to have Dax put at ease and release him from his pain.

So Dax he was a good dog for the most part, very hyper and sought attention when ever people were around. He was a playful puppy and dog and grew to be a good protective dog to my home and family. He and legend (my other dog) were very good at warning me when strangers approached the house. IMG_0756 He loved to play in water and go to the beach and play in the waves. Dax will be known to some friends as the dog who consumed a whole couch (really almost the whole thing) and for running repeatedly down the hall to only slide on the slick wooden floors and slam into the bedroom door. There are so many funny stories of his antics but today it’s to hard to recall them all

Dax does and will always own a part of my heart. He is pain free and happily playing with other dogs that had to be released from their pain. I know the smile has returned to his face and the wag in his tail as he bounces off to join the other to recapture the days that were lost he the past year.

So thank you Dax for your unconditional companionship and keeping me safe from harms way. Now go and be free to play without worry that your job was incomplete you have earned you’re place in the heavens above.


See more images of Dax Here.

RIP Dax Woodruff   –  9-17-2009

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Surprise Birthday Weekend.


Ok so it like 5:30 am on Saturday morning and its the start of my surprise birthday weekend which my wife put together for us. The excitement was growing as we loaded the car long before any kids were up and about. but we gathered up everything hopped into the car and took off and that started my day, my surprise birthday weekend.

First Stop: DeLeon Springs State Recreation Area, we pull up to the front gate early in the morning about 7:10 or so and the park didn’t open until 8:00 so we pull up and park behind other people waiting to get in as well. Tabitha was starting to tell me all about the park and what would we would be doing and seeing and i was so excited because i like to explore new places and photograph them as well. DeLeon Springs 2009 010 But there was something more to this place then just a natural Spring which stays at 72 degrees year round. Ok walk with me for a moment as i deviate from the story for just a moment. now i have been in Florida for a long long time and i have gotten hot very hot before but what i have relearned is that 72 degrees is damn cold water and i don’t care how hot you are when you step your toe in that water things start to seize up and (for us men shrink up) something for which I don’t like to be party of so don’t let anybody tell you 72 degrees is not cold it is. Ok back to the story, so as she continued to tell me what we were going to see she told me we would be eating breakfast here which was good because i was starting to get hungry. but we were at a state park so that means crappy park food. but I was wrong, see there is this place in there called Old Spanish Sugar Mill grill and griddle house. As we walked up to this old Mill it was beautiful and set nicely in it surroundings but I was getting Hungary so I was ready to enter and eat. The lady meet us at the door and sets us up at a nice small table. but this table had a griddle build right smack in the middle of it. So now the lady walks up get our drinks and we order our breakfast which included pancakes and bacon and eggs. Now here come that lady again with a smile on her face as she had each time she came to the table which i thought odd at that time of the morning and having to be at work on the weekend but hay each to their own what ever makes the lady happy. but she brings our drinks, plates and two pitcher of DeLeon Springs 2009 024 batter and starts to explain how we are going to cook our own pancakes and eggs that she would handle the bacon. now i know why she was smiling we have to cook our own meals and she really only cooks the bacon i guess i would smile to. so there we are getting our griddle warmed up and with a handy generic can of pam Tabitha sprays down the griddle and pours some batter for her pancakes on one side and I follow and pour my batter on the other and we both watch as the pancake start to become breakfast. Well I must say for my first time cooking a pancake on a griddle in a strange place with people who would usually cook my meal but didn’t and left it up to me to do i was rather impressed as it was one of the most tasty pancakes I have ever had. We both cooked up another batch and made our eggs and the lady brought us the bacon that she had to cook and we ate this wonderful meal until we were full. Now all kidding aside this place was amazing for a place to be in the middle of a state park. I now know the reason why at 7:00am an hour before the park opens that people were lined up to get in, it was for breakfast.

Now I know this place is good as i got to taste it first had but if you need further proof then let me introduce you to MR. Fitpitcher, Yes as we were leaving the Sugar Mill and headed to the spring there was a Man with his wife and two kids standing at a bench next to a tree. As we were walking by we over heard the following take place.

Mr. fitpitcher to his wife: I have tried calling him twice now and he know where to come but look, look at all the people going in now we will never get a table.  I have called 3 times now and he won’t answer his phone.

Wife replies: Its ok honey they will be here soon.


Then it happened the man actually in his fit of rage kicked the tree. yep he did stomped his foot and kicked the tree. I could not believe it the man kicked a tree and stomped his feet as if he was 2 /12 years old. his daughter looked up and said it’s ok daddy it will be ok. he just stomped off and went into sugar mill to do god knows what. But really kicking a tree as a grown adult give me a break its only the best pancakes i have every had and he will miss out because his brother was late and the place would be full but such is life.

So onward we went we walked around and took some photos of the surrounding and read that all about the sugar mill and the spring and all its history which was neat. the spring is now more like a public beach/pool area for the locals and as time passed more and more people came and started playing in the water. Well we decided to go walking on a trail or two and took more pictures and we were getting hot and thought we would head back put on our swim suits and jump in that refreshing water. that 72 degree water ya ok so we two brave souls walk to the steps and touch our toes in and it felt like somebody sliced it off with the coldest knife ever. DeLeon Springs 2009 013 I yanked my foot back and looked at her and she touched hers and said you go first. ok so now what, that was some damn cold water and my toe was trying to tell the rest of me that this was a bad idea. Did i listen of course not we headed to the shallow end because we just knew the 72 degree year round water would be warmer over there for some reason. but you guessed it, nope it was cold as hell to but we moved forth and got our feet in, then the legs and knees and then the most important parts of all the family jewels. so there it was the water teetering on the brink of touching the neater region and me trying to stand on my tippy toes in this freaking cold water but it was time to dunk myself down and get completely wet so i took that next step to total and complete shrinkage. yep no sign of life down there anymore its MIA. but we forged on and she go to her areas introduced to the 72 Degree year round water as well. so we swam some and frolic in the water and got out after about 20 minutes.

Ok now getting out of this 72 degree water year round thing has an affect that i have never felt before. as you walked up the stairs the water left your body and it was as if you got warmer from the inside out and rapidly, it was the strangest feeling i think i have ever felt when it comes to water. its really hard to explain what it felt like but just the same it was strange. we changed back into our cloths and headed on ward to my next surprise.

Second Stop: Woodruff Lake, wow i didn’t know there was such a place a lake with my last name in it. I was looking forward to seeing how pretty it was and taking some DeLeon Springs 2009 037 amazing pictures. we drove the mile an a half to get to the road and as we pulled up to the gate it started to rain. yep on my special the summer rain had to creep in and mess things up. so we decided to drive around a bit and take in the sites around the town until the rain passed. about an hour or so later we head back and we pull up and park then grab the cameras and stuff and head down the path to Woodruff lake all wide eyed and excited. Well let just say we didn’t see it, nope we saw the sign that said it was there but no where to be found all we saw were like water canals. canals with cattails and people fishing. we looked around and looked at each other confused and then read the sigh again. oh we get it now Woodruff lake that is another 5 miles away which you could not drive. so when the guy at the natural spring park we just left was telling us it was about 3 mile to canoe to lake Woodruff he was really telling us it was the shortest way and quit possibly the only way we would see it. so i photographed the cattails and that was that disappointing for sure but onward we go.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         Third Stop: Cassadaga Hotel and our final stop for day one. So on the way to this place Tabitha then tells me that there is more to this place then just a bed. that Cassadaga does not allow children under the age of 18 because it’s haunted. yes a real haunted hotel now how freaking cool is that. we get to sleep in a real haunted hotel that is haunted by children. as the lady tells us that the halls can be heard with children laughter and foot steps and other playful things to always have the camera ready for orbs and other haunting spectacles. so i was like hell ya let go and get there and so we did. We decided to walk around the area after looking over our room and making sure it was good to go. there were a lot of palm reader shops on this street so if we really wanted to know our fortune we could get it from many sources. after a shot wander around the local sites we decided to head out to that place where all things needed are readily available. yep you guessed it the Wal-Mart the super Wal-Mart where I was in need of a fan. being that i am hot natured and this Old haunted hotel was lacking in the very cold AC department I felt a need to help push the cold air around the room. speaking of which how would i know if any ghost were to visit being i could not feel the cold spots. Oh well they will just have to manifest themselves to us.

We got our fan and ate some dinner nothing fancy just a local eatery and headed back to the ghost hotel for an evening of haunting. So we settle in with a bit of excitement and wandering eyes and we pull out the laptop to watch a movie before we lay our heads down for the night. Well morning comes and all i can remember about anything strange was some moaning and headboard banging around, oh wait that was us never mind so onward. the next day was a trip to the local breakfast house and then a nice relaxing scenic drive home.

So in closing I had a wonder birthday weekend. we had some alone time and got to see and do many wonderful things. I know my Sweetie work to make this a very special birthday and she succeeded. Thank you Sweetie and I love you so much.

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Rushing to Judgment right out of the Gates.

1-judgment People need to remember that there are always two sides of a story and unlike the President of the United States we should not rush to judgment. But that what he did in defense of a friend. But as the President you must take time to understand what the circumstance is before you speak and clearly he stupidly made a remake that was unfounded and uncalled for. Now he is doing damage control to correct the problem as he should.

Gate is a well respected prominent black Harvard professor whom is working on a documentary on racial profiling of African Americans. If he had been doing his home work he would have or should have known the best way to approach an officer of the law being a black African American. but by choosing to act the way he did he was handled as anybody would have been handled in that situation.

After reading the police report filed by another arresting officer and not James Crowley it clearly depicts a whole other story then what Gates has told. His clams that he was racially profiled are unfounded because the officer was responding to a burglary in progress that was dispatched to him including the fact they were two black males. When an officer is given a description of suspect that is at a location where a crime may be in progress its not racial profiling its call a description.  When an officer entered the house it is now obvious that he did not recognizes Gates as being a prominent professor and nor should he be expected to. Its clear from all the people involved that Gates was asked to show his ID for proof of residents and from there this turned into a racial profiling incident according to Gates. The accusations came from Gates himself because he didn’t like the way he was treated in his own home.  again this is not racial profiling it may be disrespectful at best but not racial profiling. Crowley didn’t go and pick Gates out of a crowed or off the street and arrest him for no reason or because he was black. he walked into a reported call of a burglary with two black males that had forced entry to a residents. so Crowley asked them to prove he was the owner of the residents as he would if two white male where in the house.

I feel that Gates was race baiting and by his own admission would use this case to add to his documentary about racial profiling. So how convenient for him that such an incident should come his way. Crowley has been called a raciest because of Gates accusations. he was unjustly called a raciest because his action did not even come close to the action that would normally be considered raciest actions. but in the eyes of Gates and his supporters this man whom many say is nothing of the sort now has to live with that reputation because Gates felt the need to make an unfound accusation in order to put himself in his own documentary. the question is who credibility should we be checking here. Crowley or Gates as i am sure that if you looked at both closely it is Gates has shown more intolerance then Crowley has.

So what happens now we hear that Gate want to sue the police because he was arrested. The question is on what grounds because it was not for racial profiling that is obvious after everything we have learned. Gate wants an apologue from Crowley but i think it should be the other way around. Crowley was being obstructed from doing his job by Gates and Crowley handled the situation as the law permitted. So if anything Gates owe Crowley an apologue for calling him a rogue cop with racial tendencies and no evidence to back up his claims.

If the past few day has tough us anything is that rushing to judgment on anything causes more problem and harms to more people then its worth. The Presidents actions were wrong, Gates action were wrong, and Crowley will have to live with the fact that some African Americans will now see him as a raciest rogue cop and will put him and his fellow officers at risk and all because Gates wouldn’t let the police do their jobs.

My comments are made here not in a rush to judgment on Gates they are made from his own comments and words and based on the police reports that were filed. anybody is welcome to comment on this post but please refrain from personal attacks.

Walter Woodruff

Click here to read a copy of the police report (pdf).

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Personal Effects: Dark Art


If there is one book that you read all year then this one is a must. This book is more then just a book it a new way of storytelling. The new aged book is set to be released on June 9th and will change the way we enjoy our reading.

Excerpts from J.C Hutchins site about book.

Dark Art combines the experience of a traditional thriller novel with a multimedia-fueled “out of book” narrative. Clues in the novel — and items that come with the novel, such as ID cards and photos — propel readers into an online experience where they become protagonists themselves.

Personal Effects: Dark Art follows the extensive notes of art therapist Zach Taylor’s investigation into the life and madness of Martin Grace, an accused serial killer who claims to have foreseen, but not caused, his victims’ deaths.”

You may be asking yourself how i know this book can be so damn good when it has not been released yet. Well that’s because the genius that is J.C. Hutchins has went a step further and released a Podcast novella called Sword of blood that is set days before the Dark Art story begins and the best part of this novella is that it’s free. How cool is that you get an introduction to Personal Effects Dark Art via a podcast novella for free. its kind of like a try before you buy thing and its brilliant and it shows the confidence the writer has in is storytelling abilities. I would encourage everybody to take a listen to the Sword of blood and immerse yourself in the story and i am sure  that you will want to order this book as soon as you can.

Just as an aside I am posting this promotion not because J.C has asked me to or that i am getting anything in return from him. I am promoting this book because I am a fan that believes his work is worth your attention. So take a moment and listen to Sword of blood and then march on over and pre order his book or hit the book store on June 9th when its released but either way get yourself committed to the Brink (this book).

To learn more about this exciting book and all of J.C. Hutchins other work please visit his sites and enjoy all the creative work he has produced.

Personal Effects: Dark Art website

Personal Effects: Sword of Blood Website

The 7th Son Novel

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